Barracks Cafe House Dempsey

So here are more pictures of Barracks@House! A little greenhouse themed haven hidden along Dempsey Road.

The service was good, food came pretty promptly and most importantly, everything tasted delightful. It was drizzling a little outside when my friend and I arrived.  It gave the cafe a rather ethereal ambience. On the whole, it is a really comfortable place to kick back your heels and relax a little on a lazy Sunday  evening.


The outdoor seating area.


More pictures of all the fauna outside the window!


I reckon it should be a perfect setting for a romantic dinner date. Hehe.


Curry and paprika powder fries. Really sinfully unhealthy, but I couldn’t resist.

I had a slightly scratchy throat for the whole night after but it was worth it. =)


The highlight of the night for me was this charcoal colored, squid ink skinny pizza.

I usually don’t go for pizza because I dislike the heavy cheesy feeling after.

But this was really light, there was no cheese in sight , in its place was some kind of exotic looking concoction instead.

I would say that the black paste tasted a little like Hoisin sauce?

The crust was paper thin but still substantial enough to satisfy my hunger pangs after a good workout at the gym.

The squid you see in the picture was grilled to perfection. It was so juicy and savoury!

My mouth is watering again as I type. Yum!

Barracks is located at:
8D Dempsey Road
#01-01 to 06 Tanglin Village
Tel: +65 6475 7787


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