Tonkichi + Art of Love

Yesterday was a women’s only excursion. My aunties, grandmother and I went out to lunch downtown. We had Japanese.

Tonkichi is a restaurant famous for their tonkatsu and crazy queues even before their doors are open for business. Grandma had the Kurobuta Kata Rosu set, which is basically the black pork. My aunts chose the Yakubari (Pork  fillet, oysters, crab croquette) and cheese Kasane Katsu ( Pork fillet with cheese right in the middle) respectively. I had plain old deep fried chicken though. Haha. Anyways, the food was pretty good, comparable to Tonkatsu by Ma Maison at the Mandarin Gallery.


Sasame seeds. We were supposed to grind it up using the stick, then mix in the tonkatsu sauce. It is for dipping.


This is the Chicken Tonkatsu.


We then went for tea at a coffee joint nearby. Took a photo of the retro looking tiles they had. The picture is rather skewed as I only had time to snap a fast one. =p


Frothy milk tea, just the way I like it.


+ Butter and Kaya toast! This is extremely fattening.


Also went to get some bath products from L’occitane. I love their lavender series!

Tonkichi is located at:

391 Orchard Road
#04-24 Ngee Ann City
Tel: +65 6735 7522


Recently, Mediacorp has been putting up some art films labeled Art of Love, on their website, sponsored by the National Arts Council. I particularly like one of their 2 part episodes, which is kind of related to my field of work. These visually attractive, fast paced 10 minute clips with their slightly moody background music really draw me in and tugs at my heartstrings.


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