Diablo 3 humour

I woke up semi reluctantly this morning, checked Facebook sleepily on my mobile phone, saw a post  D3 put up about a person who made a thread focused on finding multiplayer groups in preparation for patch 1.0.8 on this week’s community commentary shout out, read some comments half heartedly, stopped short and read one with increasing interest and literally laughed out loud twice at this one.

I shall quote him directly. Hahaha. Not the whole paragraph but the funny part. I can literally taste the acidic sarcasm stemmed from pure displeasure emanating from this amusing individual. But I do get what he was saying. There are ALOT of annoying speedy gonzales barbs in the D3 public games breezing around without a care in the world far, far ahead of everyone else without waiting or cooperating with the rest of the team ( it is called a co -op game for a reason surely!). I would think that it’d make much more sense for them to play alone if they don’t want to wait for the group.  Bad drops all around, yeah most of the time, but some of the gear that I’m using now were pretty good drops, so I won’t complain. Tee hee.

Multiplayer changes won’t help as long as the game still isn’t worth playing. Yeah, me and my friends can party together more efficiently, while we talk about how !@#$ty all the drops (and most everything else) are. Me and two other people can walk through a desolate land of corpses (and unpicked up loot) and maybe catch a glimpse of the barb in the group whirlwind or sprint by… That’s… Fun?

But hey, at least we can search the AH better now, and well, I dunno we can um, talk about how Diablo used to be a respected and highly entertaining IP? This game is a turd, polishing it won’t help. Neither will “incentivizing” multiplayer when everyones friends list is a ghost town because of how badly you’ve ruined this game.

– SomeDumbName ( Yes that is his real username :p)

Generally, there is a lot of unhappiness with this game as many of the players feel that it is too limited and dumbed down. We keep playing the same acts over and over again. No new content, no new territories to explore etc etc. the list goes on forever so I won’t embellish.  I do enjoy playing this game, but I hope that one day soon, i’d see some expansion sets… any kind of variation at all. Though I wouldn’t hold my breath while waiting. 😉

Main thread here:




  1. Brandon

    I heard there is a expansion coming to D3, rumors of course but I liked the game overall apart from the lack of content. I won’t lie I finished the game within the first 4 days… and it felt so boring after, nothing new or exciting to do. All there is to do is farming the same act over and over. I got bored rather quickly, :/.

    • darjeedarjeeling

      Wow I do hope those rumors are true, it’d be a nice change to actually be doing something new. 4 days?! Haha, you must have played nonstop! ^^

      • Brandon

        Sadly I did. When i get addicted to a game… I go all out. I mainly play MMORPG’s like World Of Warcraft so I’m used to finishing content rather quickly. I’ve been trying to cut back though. xD

      • darjeedarjeeling

        LOL. I try not to play too long too but I sometimes get sucked into the game and can’t stop until my eyes tell me that they’re dying of tiredness. My brother plays WOW but it makes me dizzy. =p

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