Loysel’s Toy Cafe by Papa Palheta

Heard about this charming little cafe with it’s extremely offbeat name awhile ago. Loysel’s Toy.


As far as I can see there is no relation whatsoever with toys of any kind. Haha. I didn’t manage to try the food here as it was around evening time when my friend and I arrived, and mains were served until 430pm only. The location is rather obscure, it’s tucked away in a rundown stand- alone building  in Lavender.

They’re supposed to be good for their coffee. At any rate, we decided to go someplace else for food as we were starving and wanted a full meal! I love the mismatched furniture they have strewn about the whole place. Very homely. Would love to come back here to try their brunch sets for sure. 😉


Loysel’s Toy Cafe by Papa Palheta is located at:
66 Kampong Bugis #01-01
Tel: +65 9451 0236
Tue to Fri 9am – 6pm
Sat & Sun 9am – 7.30pm


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