To catch a star

This was my first time taking an airplane in the night. I somehow always chose flights that were scheduled in the day.

I couldn’t sleep on the plane and it was going to be a long night. I was going to be on here at least 6 hours. The inflight entertainment was rather limited. I watched some movies half heartedly, it was difficult maintain my concentration levels. I happened to glance out the window at one point, and was overcome with wonder.

It was maybe about 2am?

I saw a whole field of stars. And they were so clear and sparkling. There were so many of them and seemed just a stone’s throw away. I couldn’t stop looking at them. It was like they’ve captured my soul for that moment in time.

In Singapore, on a clear night, we’d be lucky to see a handful of stars. And now, right before me, there were so tons and tons of them. Sparkling like diamonds! I imagined a galaxy must look even more wonderous if it could be beheld in real life!

I wanted to take pictures, but of course the camera lenses were not able to capture what my eyes were seeing. I was disappointed. Looks like I’d have to remember it with my mind’s eye.


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