I dreamt that that i was with another girl in a school. We were in the 1970s and we were late for an exam. 

The dream was in sepia, it was strange…

 Both of us were worried about being late and barred from the exam room. 

We raced up the winding grand staircase and stopped short at the threshold of the classroom. Our teacher was standing there with a disapproving frown on his face.

He informed us that we would need to go to the canteen to procure a bottle of water each, and it had to be warm water. Don’t ask me how mineral water could be warm in a plastic bottle. It doesn’t make sense, i know.

My classmate turned to me questioningly. We were both taken aback. Do we need the water for the science test today?

We ran to the canteen to the drinks stall to buy the items immediately. The guy manning it grabbed two bottles from a crystal bowl sitting on a pedestal. Wow, i thought, that was a rather fancy setup for a school.

We then quickly walked back in the direction of our classroom. The girl with me, lets call her Z. She twisted open the bottle of water and took a drink. She asked me to try mine as well. It was indeeed warm. 

She asked to switch with me, and i passed my bottle to her. She then took a swig from my drink and grimaced. 

” What?” I asked her quizzically.

“It tastes different,” she replied.

” Ah well, i think the difference is probably mineral and distilled water, no big deal,” I shrugged.

We entered our school room and Z promptly went to the corner desk at the back, further in and plopped down. I initially went for the one in the same row nearer to the door. The teacher asked me to take the empty seat beside Z instead. 

I started to do the test. And immediately felt irritated at the ongoing disturbance coming from behind me. 

A bunch of students who had already completed their exam were lauging and making a din. For some unknown reason, our teacher didn’t do anything about that. 

I ignored the noise and concentrated on the task at hand. 

The scene faded out.

There’s more but i don’t recall the details. 

It was a rather long one, this dream i had.


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