I dreamt of blue apples

They were iridescent, glowing with an inner luminosity. I had a bag of them with me.

I was munching on one as i walked. In my mind, I was  thinking about how deliciously sweet the fruit was. 

I polished off the remaining ones in the bag one by one, until i hit the last two. One of them looked hollowed out and flakey. The only way i can describe it accurately is that if apples could be zombies that would be one right there. 

It looked stringy and fell apart when i touched it. I recoiled in horror. I somehow dropped the carrier on the ground and the contents spilled out. White maggot- like things scattered onto the floor. I was deathly afraid of worms but these don’t seem to be moving. 

I poked one gingerly with the toe of my white sneaker. Nothing. It was inanimate. 

I woke up. 


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