Tillandsia Pruinosa

When i first saw this little guy, it didn’t stand out atall amongst the other brighter and more flamboyant looking air plants. It was only about 2 inches long, looked pretty drab at first glance, then, the sunlight hit it and i did a double take. 
Wow, it turned into a fuzzy silvery blue green color when the sunbeams touched it. So pretty! It is one of my favorites in the growing collection on my windowsill.:)
Some information i came across about the Pruinosa!

A small, bulb-shaped bromeliad with fuzzy but firm gray-green leaves, hoary airplant gains pinkish leaf tones in winter and spring before producing tiny blue-violet flowers in spring and summer. An evergreen perennial epiphyte (growing upon another plant for support), it is native to southern Florida, the Caribbean and from Mexico southward to northern Brazil in seasonally dry woodlands and scrub.
The small rosette of leaves has a pear-shape, with leaves being lined with trichomes (whitish scales to prevent water loss). They are a silvery gray-green in color and are rigid; the blades taper and lightly twist. In late winter and spring the leaves become pink in anticipation of the flower spike on mature plants. Then in late spring and early summer the spike with a cluster of bracts (modified leaves) bears small tubular blue-violet flowers. After flowering the plant will die, but not before a young pup plant grows from its base to replace it. This species rarely grows in clusters; often it is found singularly or in pairs on trees.
Grow hoary airplant in partial shade upon a tree or hanging basket, corkwood, or driftwood. Provide ample rainfall water to it during the heat of the growing season, and less in the dry winter months. Ensure the plant has excellent air circulation and water freely drains from all parts of the plant. High ambient humidity is beneficial.


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