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Ketapang Extract for Betta tanks (IAL)

Found this online yesterday. Want to try making this!

Leaves: if it’s red, pick it, if it’s brown, leave it.

Preparation of Leaves

Once you picked the leaves, it is wise to give it a rinse to remove any debris from it. Tap water can be used to do so as it contains a little chlorine which will disinfect the leaves a little.
As soon as you start washing the leaves, you will notice the water starts to turn brown. It is advisable to rinse the leaves as fast as possible to avoid diluting the contents of the leaves. Please take note that tannin will stain your tiles or sink, so clean up after you rinse the leaves.
You can choose to dry the leaves after rinsing them although it is safe to use them immediately.

Basic Ketapang Extract Recipe

Now that you have the leaves and you’ve gave them a rinse, you can now make the extract. The recipe that I’m going to share with you is a basic Ketapang Extract. Everyone has their own recipe for their needs but this recipe is the most basic of them all.

What you need:

1.A bottle of at least 1 liter

2.At least 10 leaves for every liter of water

3.1 teaspoon of salt of every liter of water to extend the shelf-life of the extract.
Crush the leaves slightly, like how you crumple a piece of parking fine.

4.Place the leaves inside a container.

5.Add water

6.Add salt

7.Soak for 72 hours

Extract is now ready for use. It should have a sweet smell and carries a dark reddish-brown tone. The top layer of the solution should be clear, with a little debris at the bottom. You can leave soaking it for a maximum of 1 week. After a week the leaves will start to decay. So it is advisable to filter the solution and keep it in a air tight bottle within a week of soaking.

Do note that this is a Ketapang Extract and is not to be used without diluting. As a guide, for every liter of water, add 5ml to 15ml of the extract to it.
If you follow step 6, filtering the solution and storing it in an air tight bottle, the extract should last for at least a month if kept in a cool dry place. Refrigeration will extend the shelve-life to 3 months. Freezing the extract will keep it preserved until the next ice-age.
A generally rule is to smell the extract before you use it. If it still retains the sweet smell when you first prepare it, it is safe to use. If the solution turns cloudy AND smell foul, restart a new batch. Sometimes the solution will become cloudy (especially so if you use rainwater) but it doesn’t smell foul. I have used it with no ill effects.