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Pixelated image of the dayšŸ˜µ



When i was still in primary school, i would sleep over at my grandparents place once in awhile. It was a different house from the current one.

Every friday night, i would bring my mattress to my grandparents room, and my grandpa would turn on the a/c. At that time, their room was the only one with it. It was a treat to actually sleep somewhere that wasn’t 30 degrees celcius on average!

My grandfather loved watching animal documentaries. I remember falling asleep to the soothing sound of the wildlife narrator rambling on about animal facts,snuggled under my blankets in a cool, dim room. My grandmother’s light snores would be in the background as well. 

It was a comforting feeling. 

Turtle power!

Some feel good music on a sunny saturday morning! I wish that music these days could be more like how they were in the 60s-70s. I can hear every single lyric clearly, and the meaning behind the song is put across in a simple and succinct manner. No excessive effects or elaborate vocals. The white noise in the background is kinda soothing too.šŸ˜

Plants choose where they want to be

I was gifted with a terrarium last Christmas and was quite delighted with it. The instructions that came with the plant said to put it in a well- lit place out of direct sunlight and I thought the upper shelf on a bookcase near my bed was just the place for it as my room was pretty well lit and the weather here was humid and hot all the time. Perfect conditions to house a plant right?


Over the next few weeks it slowly started to wilt, turning yellow and stringy, and I panicked, I didn’t want it to die! Maybe I needed to shift it nearer to the sunlight!

I picked up the jar and carefully placed it on a table a couple feet from the window. It didn’t look as pretty in that spot but oh well, I didn’t have much choice as options were pretty limited.

The yellowness started to recede and the plant started to resume a fraction of its former glory, but only at one side.

Guess this still wasn’t the optimal spot.

I moved it right up to the window sill this time. It seemed to me like it was sitting too near to the direct source of light but within days, it proved me wrong by flourishing rapidly. The leaves grew larger and became a vibrant jade green.

So okay… right next to the window was where it wanted to be. šŸ™‚