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Horned melons?! 

Came across these weird looking gourds in the supermarket the other day. They were labeled as kiwanos. A kind of cucumber/melon hybrid. Also known as horned melons. 


Baby mangoes?

An aunt of mine came back from a vacation in thailand recently and gifted some baby mango fruit thingie to us. It tastes like unripe persimmon. Texturewise too. Tangy, sour, sweet and refreshing all at once. I’m not sure what exactly this is called.

Dad and his quirks

I attended what my dad funnily called ‘The melon cutting ceremony’ yesterday. I’ve been waiting eagerly to taste one of the most expensive melons in the world! (Maybe. Haha. ) In Singapore, this kind of  melon was actually being sold for a whopping SGD125. Everybody was waiting for it to ripen!  After eating it, my conclusion is that… it was sweet and extremely juicy, but, it wasn’t really really sweet as I’ve seen most people describe it as. Thing is, the ones Dad ate in Hokkaido was much better. Maybe this particular one is an aberration. =P