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Hai Kee Brothers Restaurant


Nasi Lemak

By Crave, this is actually pretty good, though the coconut rice is a tad too mild tasting.😊

The Social Space

We were originally attracted to the hipster vibes that this cafe gave off, but upon entering, we were greeted with sullen and disinterested service stuff.

Kind of disappointed with the food as well. Toast was stale and rubbery.

Price range for a smoked salmon sandwich and a cold brew coffee would be about 20 bucks.

Would not recommend going to this cafe at all 😌

Fat Cow

Tried the premium wagyu donburi.

The dish comes topped with some foie gras, sea urchin, caviar and salmon roe. There is also an onsen egg on the side.

It started out great at the beginning. There were alot of flavors to contend with. And everything was pretty delicious.

However, towards the middle, it started to feel really heavy and the taste of truffle started to overwhelm me. I ended the meal feeling pretty tired. Hmmm, it’s a weird reaction isn’t it?😌