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Is it Friday already?

Why is time passing so fast?! 😱
Good morning!


Plants choose where they want to be

I was gifted with a terrarium last Christmas and was quite delighted with it. The instructions that came with the plant said to put it in a well- lit place out of direct sunlight and I thought the upper shelf on a bookcase near my bed was just the place for it as my room was pretty well lit and the weather here was humid and hot all the time. Perfect conditions to house a plant right?


Over the next few weeks it slowly started to wilt, turning yellow and stringy, and I panicked, I didn’t want it to die! Maybe I needed to shift it nearer to the sunlight!

I picked up the jar and carefully placed it on a table a couple feet from the window. It didn’t look as pretty in that spot but oh well, I didn’t have much choice as options were pretty limited.

The yellowness started to recede and the plant started to resume a fraction of its former glory, but only at one side.

Guess this still wasn’t the optimal spot.

I moved it right up to the window sill this time. It seemed to me like it was sitting too near to the direct source of light but within days, it proved me wrong by flourishing rapidly. The leaves grew larger and became a vibrant jade green.

So okay… right next to the window was where it wanted to be. 🙂

I dreamt of snow

Living in a tropical country, I’ve never seen real snow before. I’ve also never visited places with it while they were experiencing winter.

The dream was surreal. I was strolling home with an old friend of mine. We were headed towards my grandmother’s house. The path was unfamiliar yet I recognized it. It was dark but everything around me was somehow illuminated clearly.

Suddenly to my right I saw a smokey haze. It was just a muddy field. But it was shrouded in twilight colors. I was intrigued. I took a step towards that direction. Wanting to explore further.

A hand on my arm stayed me.

“Don’t, it’s a grave yard,” my companion told me quietly.

“Really?! I never knew it was a cemetary, it sure didn’t look like one! There are no indications that it was! Are you sure?” I exclaimed.

As I stared at the haze, I realized that it was actually snow falling gently onto the ice hardened mud. I turned to my friend.

“It’s snow?! Can you believe it?! How’s that possible here… now?!”

We continued making our way forward. And we walked into an area where tiny snow flakes started falling around and on us in earnest. I was delighted. I could feel the tiny,feather- light drops melting against my skin. It’s hard to put to words, that moment in time. It was so real that I could’ve sworn that I wasn’t dreaming.

Our hair, faces, clothes all became covered with snow flakes. I laughed in delight.

“This is amazing! How can it snow in this place?” My friend muttered incredulously.

” I guess the impossible just happened, haha!” I replied smugly.

We then continued on to my grandmother’s house, light of mind and of heart.

When we reached our destination, grandma offered to cook us yaki soba for lunch. Don’t ask me why we were having lunch during dinner time. We somehow just were.

In real life my grandmother doesn’t know how to cook Japanese dishes. So it was yet another pleasant surprise! We sat down in the kitchen watching her bustle around. It was nice.

The dream faded out with us eating. I must have been hungry. Haha.

To catch a star

This was my first time taking an airplane in the night. I somehow always chose flights that were scheduled in the day.

I couldn’t sleep on the plane and it was going to be a long night. I was going to be on here at least 6 hours. The inflight entertainment was rather limited. I watched some movies half heartedly, it was difficult maintain my concentration levels. I happened to glance out the window at one point, and was overcome with wonder.

It was maybe about 2am?

I saw a whole field of stars. And they were so clear and sparkling. There were so many of them and seemed just a stone’s throw away. I couldn’t stop looking at them. It was like they’ve captured my soul for that moment in time.

In Singapore, on a clear night, we’d be lucky to see a handful of stars. And now, right before me, there were so tons and tons of them. Sparkling like diamonds! I imagined a galaxy must look even more wonderous if it could be beheld in real life!

I wanted to take pictures, but of course the camera lenses were not able to capture what my eyes were seeing. I was disappointed. Looks like I’d have to remember it with my mind’s eye.


We are who we are.

Perfectly imperfect.

What makes us flawed, is what makes us human.

In life, the only constant is change.

Change keeps us going. It keeps you, me, everyone, from being beset by ennui.

We are nothing if not adaptable.


I woke up to a very pleasant surprise today. Diva’s current owner sent me some pictures of her. She is looking at home and healthy, though a little thin. And… She is still wearing the pink polka dot collar I bought! I almost cried with happiness when I saw her photos.. I really wish I can be there to give her a hug. Miss her…