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Saturday shenanigans

Having a belated Mother’s Day lunch with the family! My brother wants to get cologne and we’re gonna pick one out for him later. He’s growing up. 🙂



Bedtime musings

It occurred to me just now, that if I didn’t record my thoughts down, or take random pictures of fleeting moments, I would most likely forget the little things in life worth appreciating after awhile. An elephant’s memory, I do not have. :p

Pretty in pink

The flowers I got for grandmother last week just got delivered! Both my grandmother and I are a fan of flowers. My mom would always say, flowers are a waste of money. According to her, blooms are really not of much use. They just sit there and wilt real quick. But i think… flowers are like fireworks, they shine for a brief period, then they disappear, leaving a beautiful memory of what they once were behind. So no, they do serve a purpose. Especially when it makes the people who receive them happy. 🙂