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Ginza Kushi Katsu

I have never tried beef cutlet (Gyukatsu) before, always thought pork and chicken was the norm for katsu dishes. 

The gyukatsu is served medium rare, with the breaded layer fried to a crispy finish. There are mini teppans at the side too so that you can grill the individual slices a lil more should you prefer to have more well do. I like my beef to be less bloody looking, so on to the teppan it went! The meat was super melty and tender, overall i liked it alot. The only thing that i felt spoilt the experience was the milk custurd came with the katsu set on the side. The custurd itself tasted ok, but the crimson strawberry sauce at the top was pretty questionable. It reminds me of those packeted strawberry milk that you get from supermarkets.